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My cat, Cody is 11 years old. He’s a loving and cuddly kitty who loves catnip and basking in the sun. He has been my most loyal feline companion. He comforts me when I’m sad, makes me laugh when I’m blue, and has even earned a reputation as a spider-killer. He is always interested in a treat, a can of wet food, or a leftover kibble next to his bowl. So when he stopped eating, I knew something was wrong. He had no interest in food, didn’t want to cuddle, and felt extremely warm to the touch.
I rushed him to our local veterinarian who ran several tests to rule out some more serious conditions all of which turned up negative. They gave him fluids, vitamins and some antibiotics and sent us home. I kept tabs on him all the next day, and while he perked up a bit, and his fever broke, he still had no interest in food – not even a can of tuna fish.

I took him back to the vet who mentioned that he might be suffering from pancreatits. She suggested that we take him to the hospital nearby for an ultrasound, cautioning me that it might be expensive. I knew I didn’t have to worry about the cost since I had PetPlan insurance, and I told her so. After the ultrasound failed to provide any conclusive evidence of pancreatitis, the hospital staff suggested that we admit Cody for supportive care with an estimate of $2500-$3000 which included more blood tests and the possibility of inserting a feeding tube. Again, knowing that I had insurance made the decision painless.

Since Cody’s live

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