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Just like human insurance, pet insurance is a gamble and a good safety net to have - in case you run into a situation where your pet is ill and requires more than the standard annual care. When I adopted Riggs (canine) from a rescue shelter, he came with a trial pet insurance and it only covered "emergency care" and so I looked into other insurance that covered a broader range of coverage. For the price and benefits, VPI provides adequate coverage and my vet even said it was a very good plan. Thankfully I had the insurance last year, when Riggs became extremely ill and he ended up being diagnosed with an illness that now requires monthly trips to the vet. Based on a bill of almost $2,100, I received almost $1,700 back. Filing claims is a breeze and processing is quick – I received payment before my credit card was due! You can even file your claims via email. Even if you never need to use the insurance for a major illness, it does cover a good portion of your pet's annual visit so you would only end up paying about three months of premiums out-of-pocket. But at least you have the peace of mind that if anything should come up, your dear family member has protection and it makes your medical care/decisions easier. I personally recommended VPI to several co-workers, who weren't aware that insurance existed for pets. . . .Cathy

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Addison's Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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