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This was my second claim with Petfirst Healthcare. My dog suffered a torn ear while playing with another dog so we had to go to the emergency clinic for stitches. It took about 4 weeks to heal as well as several vet visits to re-bandage. I opted to wait until all treatment related to the incident was completed before submitting my claim.
Processing was FAST. We had to go to three different vets for this incident, so for each I submitted the claim form, the receipt, and the medical record for that incident. I faxed in all the information and 8 days later they cut a check. I submitted a claim for $526 (total of all visits), they deduct $50 for the deductible (which is per incident) and pay me back for 90% of the remainder, so I received $428 on $526 out of pocket. I think the deductible may have increased to $100 per incident, which is still great coverage in my opinion.

They are a great value and easy to work with!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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