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I received six weeks free trial when I adopted my dog in Sept. Thank goodness that I did not need to use it. However, I did sign up a couple days before it expired. Therefore I had not waiting period and did not have to pay the initial member fee.I really have never had a positive thing to say about any other companies, as the plans were insane. When my previous cattle dog was alive. I did end up going with TRUPANION. The price was ridiculous. I stayed with them for 3 months. My dog had NO pre-existing issues. Although I did not make a claim, I left. I found them to be nit pickers to the nth degree! So many people failed to receive compensation.
I would never consider becoming a member or any insurance company for that matter. However, due to the fact that i received the 6 week trial when I rescue my boy.. I found myself calling so I could ask as many questions as possible. The agents I spoke too(I called lots!)were so kind and seemed genuinely interested to help me . In any event ,I chose Secure 3.I had my dogs teeth done. I really felt like there must be a trick and I would not be covered at all. I was so happy to find I was getting reimbursed .WOW! They paid 80% of my entire claim. The took my 100.00 deductible off. I ended up getting a good reimbursement. I was thrilled...Then, to top it off, I found out that I had satisfied my deductible and I did not have to pay this again, until next October! I had no idea! I thought I would have to pay the deductible for each clai

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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