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Recently my American Pit Bull (17 months old) Tore both her Rear ACL legs and required surgery back on April 12, 2011 by a Orthopedic Surgeon specialist . The procedure cost $4228.93 ($3200.00 for Single ACL) of that VPI Major Medical Plan covered $3143.43 leaving me with out of pocket cost of $1085.50, now granted that I will Give VPI credit with the customer service and paying and processing the claim in a timely manner (11 Business days), I don’t agree with the policy limits of $2620 total for the procedure that only cover a single ACL, while yes them having a secondary allowance of $670 (for any related event) did help with… In my opinion I would like to see VPI Major Medical Plan change their policy benefit to reflect $2620 for each limb and not a total of $3290. (Includes secondary allowance of $670) reason being my Pit Bull originally only had a single ACL Tear and not two. - I was away on business for a week and during that time she tore her other side due to over compensating on the good leg, it was at this time that I immediately took her to the VET who charge me to diagnosis her who them referred me to the Orthopedic Surgeon specialist who charged me for the consultation that the VET already confirmed for me, all these charges are included to the claim and VPI subtract them from the total annual benefit. I LOVE my dog and is part of our family and is why I chose to pay the Annual Premium of $627.85 a year for the VPI Major Medical Plan I want the best for our

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American Staffordshire Terrier

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