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I have never had pet insurance before but, after seeing various friends and family members run into the ground with piles of bills, thought it would be wise. Embrace was the first one I heard about and, when I called, they seemed friendly enough so I signed up without having done much research.
Recently, we had a scare with my young cat that ended up costing nearly $2,000. We dropped off our cat at the vet Friday morning and I immediately called Embrace to verify our coverage and its terms. They could not have been more sympathetic, caring and clear. I still can't believe how terrific their coverage is - 90% is terrific. Thanks to these clarifications we were comfortable with leaving our cat overnight, visiting hospitals all weekend, running tests, all costly outlays but necessary. By the following Tuesday he was better, thanks to the terrific medical care we were able to afford with Embrace's assurance.

Post-treatment proved to be, if possible, even easier. Representatives phoned and emailed me to check on our cat (though it wasn't harassing in any way) and followed up with the vets/animal hospitals on our behalf so we could calm our nerves a bit. A couple of weeks later the checks arrived in the mail and voila!

I've had immense trouble with my own health insurance so I'm thrilled that it is possible for an insurance company to be pro-active, helpful and caring and Embrace possesses all of those qualities and many more. (So, cats not only get to live the easiest,

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