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VPI has been very helpful to us and our dog Hugo. Hugo suffers from IBD and takes steroids daily. VPI covered half the initial costs for tests and diagnoses, which came to about $4,000 and continues to reimburse us for Hugo's steroid prescription, approx $350 per year. Hugo has had 2 instances where he swallowed poisonous substances and each ER visit was covered. There is a copay, of couse, but no surprise there. I recommend VPI to everyone that has a pet and I see quite a few people being that I am a Registered Dental Hygienist. Every year I take Hugo in for his annual exam with confidence that I will receive a reimbursement check promptly. I will gladly continue to pay the annual premium for Hugo's Superior policy, which over his lifetime could add up to $5-6 grand. The cost of one bad accident could be $5-6 grand. It's a comfort to know I could recieve a least half of that back. It's totally worth the piece of mind!

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