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I chose Healthy Paws after reading all the positive reviews BUT I was very disappointed. They denied all the claims that I submitted with the same reason that they are all related to the preexisting condition. They were also very slow in processing my claims. I had to follow up to make sure that they received the claims I submitted. It was a waste of time.

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Ear Problem


Claim Amount
Under $100

Terrier Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 08/31/2012

It’s unfortunate when we process claims for conditions that are pre-existing. The Healthy Paws Customer Care & Claims team puts every effort into covering claims and is disappointed when we have to deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

When I review your case notes, I see that we completed a Medical Records Review shortly after you enrolled. At that time, we shared in writing and also discussed with you the pre-existing conditions that would not be covered on Koy’s policy, which included allergic dermatitis, ear infections and colitis. Once we learned that you were not fully aware that pre-existing conditions were not covered we offered you a refund.

You are now probably aware that no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions. We work really hard to be transparent with how our policy works and identify up front through our Medical Records Review process any previous conditions that could restrict future coverage so that there are no surprises with a claim being denied down the road.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We hope that Koy is doing well!

Warmest regards,

Customer Care & Claims Manager

Posted: 10/05/2012

I believe that there is rarely a basis for a rating site to remove a customer's rating, but this seems to be one of those instances. Since the customer indicates their negative review is for a pre-existing condition and no pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions, the rating has no factual basis. While I have never filed a claim with Healthy Paws, I have been a customer for two years, and know that their policies and management communications to be very clear and specific regarding excluded coverage.

Posted: 10/11/2012

How could a previous ear infection be a pre-existing condition. That is not an ongoing condition. Just because an animal may have a recurring ear infection does not mean that the latest ear infection was pre exisiting or in any way related to the former ear infection. If an animal had a former broken bone, and then got another one, would that be pre-existing. How about if an animal has thrown up in the past, and then gets sick with throwing up. Would that be denied as well just because throwing up is involved? I guess what you are saying is that you need to take the insurance before you even see a vet to be sure that nothing is pre-existing.
If that is the way you run your insurance, then it is just much better for us all to take the premium amount and put it into a personal savings account each month and then have the money to pay for the bills ourselves.

Posted: 02/24/2015

Keith, you are absolutely incorrect. A pre-existing condition is a condition that is lasting. An ear infection is something that comes, is treated, and is then gone. Just because you have had an illness in the past does not mean that it is still "existing" in your body. You once had strep throat. Does that make it so that any subsequent occurrence of strep throat would not be covered by your insurance? Absolutely not. A pre-existing condition is something like cancer, diabetes, etc. that is chronic and lasting. Jen- I am glad to hear that you at least try to make this mis-leading advertising right by offering refunds.

Posted: 12/29/2016

Insurance companies only want to insure animals that are 100% fit & health so they can pocket your hard earned cash. How can an ear infection be pre existing 😂 it's treated & gone, why penalise. Put money away each month instead of making other people wealthy.