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We had been told about getting VPI after our Old English Sheepdog, Edgrrr, had passed on. When we got another dog, Victor Vincent D'Argo, an Old English mix, I decided to purchase VPI, even though my husband said he'd never had insurance on a dog before. Were we glad we did! Only a couple days after our insurance had been approved, and only about a week after we'd gotten our dog, D'Argo decided to swallow some straight pins that my son was using for material for a puppet he was making. The resulting surgery would have ended up costing us a fortune, but the doctors at Met Vet West in Pittsburgh said we were lucky in two ways: we had good insurance with VPI and D'Argo had only swallowed one pin, and it had safely gone into his stomach. We took him home and, after he'd recovered from this surgery, he ate tin foil and ended up BACK in the ER being x-rayed for swallowing foreign objects again! Luckily, this time they decided no surgery (phew!). VPI reimbursed us nearly the entire amount of our bill both times, for which we were truly grateful. Later, we "acquired" a cat, via our oldest son. She had kittens on us and we ended up keeping one. Shadow ended up needing emergency care when he was found to be allergic to his shots around 5 months of age, and VPI covered most of it, as well, as we had purchased coverage for him after he was a couple months old. We are happy to pass on to any pet owners the merits of having VPI for our pets. It has come in very handily

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swallowed a foreign object (twice!)
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Old English Sheepdog

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