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I am a college student, with very little money, and a cat that I love very very much. I actually worked in a petsmart with a new Banfield, and when my kitty started having troubles peeing I asked them what they thought. The Wellness plan sounds like they are trying to sell you something, but after 2 appointments and multiple tests later, I ended up only paying about $50 for some clavamox and now my 9-month old is on Urinary SO for crystals. THIS PLAN IS NOT INSURANCE. I still have to pay separately for my revolution (flea meds) and still had to pay for the medication, but my cat, who was in a lot of pain, is doing much much better now. Everytime I see my doctor from working int he store, he asks me how my cat is doing and even told me a follow up appointment wasn't necessary, even though it was in the best interest of the company to get me to come in and see them. He said that only if I was worried I should come in, and to give them a call if I'm ever worried again. One thing that Banfield has that other vets don't is the fact that they are opened on weekends, and that they will be there for you when you need it most. A few weeks ago they stayed open 2 hours past closing to help a woman deal with the euthanasia of her beloved old cat. Two of the employees had gotten off of work a few hours earlier and came back on their own time to be with this woman who had only come in twice before. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE LOCATION AND THE STAFF. I will continue to go to Banfield even afte

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