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My insurance went up from $49.50/month in 2009 when we bought our Boxer as a pup to $75.83 last year and now I am notified that the insurance will be $92.99 a month. Trupanion claims the increase is from vet's increased costs. I was at the vet in Cobble Hill and he said in the last year the clinics in this area have increased the cost by 5%. Something doesn't add up. I call it corporate greed and I would NOT recommend buying from this company. I am going to cancel my insurance policy before the increase. I notified Darryl Rawlings CEO of Trupanion and got the reply that I could increase the deductible. I will put the $ in a high interest savings account and my pet will be better taken care of in the future as I will not have wasted the $ I have paid out for corporate greed. Do you and your pet a favour....don't buy into this unscrupulous company. You might as well throw your $ into an incinerator and watch it burn.

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Posted: 05/03/2012

Agreed!!!! Here's my nightmare with the company,Yes, I cancelled my policy!Trupanion went out of their way to determine my dogs issue was preexisting when it wasn't. Digging through old files and associating unrelated issues to the one I had treated. No where in her records did it say she had what she was treated for. Unfortunately, her vet didn't want to "get involved" with any type dispute, now looking for another vet.Basically I got mega screwed out of 4 grand. I will NEVER advise anyone to use Trupaion EVER!!!!!!. Until my last breath!!!!!

Posted: 07/05/2012

Hi Gary,Thank you for sharing your feedback and I can understand your frustration. Trupanion's premiums are based on a collective group of pets like yours, based on your pet's age at enrollment, breed, geographical location, and deductible choice. Because of this, your premium will not automatically increase because your pet has had a birthday or filed a claim.
Rather, premiums are adjusted regularly to keep up with the average cost of a 'like' pet, whether that means an increase, decrease, or staying the same. For example, if many pets 'like yours' are experiencing medical issues, you may see an increase in premium; whereas if they collectively make fewer veterinary visits, then you will likely see a decrease in premium. For each group of 'like' pets, premiums are based so that we pay out on average 70 cents in claims for every dollar received in premiums. I encourage you to give us a call to learn more. 800-569-7913