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Have been most pleased with PetPlan during a difficult bout with chronic UTI's with my young german shepherd. After seeing a specialist she was diagnosed with a recessed vulva and chronic perivulvar dermatitis and required a episioplasty corrective surgery. Many frequent infections had occured prior to surgery with long term treatments of expensive antibiotics, urine tests, sterile urine cultures, etc. Without insurance I can't imagine how far I would be set back in my finances. Due to her coverage (gold plan) I could concentrate on getting her back to good health and not dwelling on mounting vet bills that would have made a tough time even worst. My bills ran into several thousand dollars, lucky for me I was reinburst back not only quickly but got most of my money back! I have used my coverage also on my now 5 year old male shepherd with the same outstanding results. My husband and I would NEVER be without insurance for any future dogs and encourage anyone to not be without also. For the price of 1 or 2 "take-out" pizza night I encourage others to spend their money wisely and get with a policy to protect themselves and their pets. I was able to offer my pet the best doctors that I would not otherwise been able to afford! The customer service was excellent. I have referred many people and they are all as happy as well. MONEY WELL SPENT IN A BAD ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!

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recessed vulva/perivulvar dermatitis
Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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