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Healthy Paws provides the best coverage for pets with a hassle-free claim process. A policy with Healthy Paws makes it easy for pet owners to focus on caring for their pets and getting them the treatment they need whenever they need it, without being overly concerned about cost. In many ways, I wish human health insurance were so simple and transparent. ;-)

Many years ago we purchased our first pet insurance coverage with another company (Pets Best): that coverage was inexpensive and seemed like it would be quite useful in limiting costs while providing incentives for regular checkups. While it was helpful in offsetting costs for smaller incidents, as our dogs aged we quickly found that the policy has payout maximums and "separate occurrence" definitions that limited their coverage quite sharply. We soon re-evaluated our options for insurance coverage and made the switch to Healthy Paws.

Whenever the unexpected has happened, we've been able to rely on Healthy Paws to provide consistent, understandable coverage for our pets. Most recently, one of our pets contracted a urinary infection while on vacation, which required a trip to an emergency clinic for treatment. We knew that whatever treatment she needed, it would be covered - and it was! :-) The broad coverage and clear policies have consistently covered various needs for our dogs, spanning knee surgery, upset stomachs, and broken nails; with no claim or lifetime maximums to worry about, there's no concern about "exhausting" the coverage or having to make financial decisions about the well-being of a pet.

The claim process is extremely easy with their website: upload an itemized receipt and they take care of the rest. There's occasionally a follow-up question or two - which is easy to answer - and they follow up with the veterinary clinic, typically completing the claim and sending the reimbursement within a few days. It couldn't be easier

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