Trupanion is the first Pet Insurance Company I've dealt with that pays for claims when all policy conditions are met.

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I heard about Trupanion Pet Insurance through my Primary Veterinarian's Office. Before contacting Trupanion, I did research on Pet Insurance. I did not have a positive experience with a previous Pet Insurance Company. When I first contacted Trupanion, I talked to a very pleasant, and helpful receptionist. She asked me questions about my pets, and we discussed the coverage I needed. I provided a copy of my Veterinarian's orthopedic and wellness exam, and we agreed on a policy package. In addition, I received premium discounts for my two dogs, because they are certified Therapy Dogs. My dog, Jovie, had 3 episodes of random lameness, of short duration. I had Jovie covered with Trupanion for 18 months, with no claims. After the 3rd unexplained lameness, I took her to an Orthopedic Specialist to do a hind-end analysis. The Orthopedic Specialist suspected 'Osteochondritis Dissecans' in both ankles. He scheduled a CT scan, and the results were as predicted. The course of action was surgery on both hocks to remove debris and damage from OCD lesions. Bone marrow will be extracted to make stem cells, which will be injected to rejuvenate the hocks. There will be follow-up exams; PT; support wraps; and more since OCD is a progressive disease. After meeting my deductible, and providing Trupanion with all the required forms, they honored my policy!!! Trupanion is paying 90% of every claim pertaining to Jovie's OCD. I HIGHLY recommend Trupanion for Pet Insurance!

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