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We have one English Bulldog, Zeus, who is 3 years old. Not long after we got him from the breeder, my husband and I decided to get pet insurance because we knew that Bulldogs tend to have health issues. We searched for pet insurance and came across PetPlan. For almost 3 years, Zeus was great. No major health issues. I thought about canceling our insurance several times because Zeus seemed to be so healthy. Then it happened...Zeus started limping. It progressively got worse to where he would hardly put pressure on his back left leg. We took him to our vet who referred us to a specialist. Zeus was diagnosed with a knee injury. His kneecap would not stay in place (luxating patella). We scheduled surgery for a few weeks later. During surgery, the surgeon called us and said that x-rays showed that both knees needed to be fixed and that his left knee also had a torn ACL. Thank goodness for pet insurance! Zeus' claim was submitted, reviewed, and a check was sent to us in less than 1 week! WOW! We have submitted several other claims due to issues that have arisen due to his knees, and they have all been handled very quickly! Thank you PetPlan!

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Luxating patellas and torn ACL
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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