Wonderful plan with caring people following up.

Out of 10

My puppy cut her leg open at 5:10pm, just 10 minutes after my vet closed! Of course! So off we went to the emergency hospital where we waited to have her stitched up.On the way there I was so upset, worried about how much money this would cost when my husband reminded me that we now have insurance coverage and not to worry.
What piece of mind!
The moment we went into the examination room and saw the doctor the first thing out of my mouth was - whatever it takes, do it to make her right!!!! Oh did that feel good.
When we sent in our claim, not only were we given a follow up phone call to see how our pup was doing, but to explain what was being covered as well.
After our vet had sent all the records in to Healthy Paws we were contacted once again by a lovely representative who told us that we didn't submit a claim for some meds that we had gotten for the puppy some months before. Who knew? They read the records and said for us to submit them and we would be receiving a check back for them also...
So we did just that.
Then another follow up call to check to see how the puppy was doing? Really?
My health provider wouldn't think of doing that!
Not only am I thrilled to have this coverage but I feel lucky that we picked the right provider!

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Cut leg
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Standard Poodle

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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