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Having PetPlan insurance has been the best financial decision we've ever made. Our awesome, superdog Takoda had ingested rib bones after getting into our kitchen trash. Fortunately, he was caught in the act and immediately taken to a critical care center for abdominal surgery to remove the bone fragments from his stomach. The hospital sent their notes and 'paid' invoice along with the claim form provided on the PetPlan website. 12 days later, a check for the total bill excluding our deductable arrived. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that a 20% copay would not apply since the incident was a life threatening condition. So, although it was a very serious situation that could have ended much worse, we are thankful for the coverages our precious four legged family member had. We want to be responsible pet owners and would never want to be forced to make terribly difficult decisions about saving a pet because of lack of funds. PetPlan will always be insuring our Takoda. We cannot stress how much a relief having insurance has been. If you are willing to take the responsibility of making a pet a part of your life, do yourself and your faithful friend the service of giving them the best coverage available. I do agree with another post that suggested it would be much easier having the invoice sent directly to PetPlan by the vet after insurance verification is made. The $2000 we spent on his care was a lot of money that we fortunately happened to have available. Pleas

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ingested rib bones
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Over $1000

Mexican Hairless Dog

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1 - 8

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