Horrible Pet Insurance

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I have been with VPI for almost 15 years (thousands of dollars in premium payments) and I am finally fed up with them. They have never been great but in the last few years, they barely pay for anything. I recently submitted a claim for $610 for a venomous insect bite that created a big problem for my dog. My Vet's office was recently acquired by VCA known to immediate raise the prices by a good margin. VCA also owns VPI pet insurance. The VCA Vet charged me $350.79 for treatment and $250 for testing. VPI Insurance's "eligible amount" was $61 out of the $350 and $70 out of the $250. From that they subtracted the $50 deductible and I got a check for $72.90. That's only 12% of the bill!!! Their eligible amounts are about 18% of the actual cost from the Vet OWNED by their parent company. They can't possibly be looking at realistic costs when determining the "eligible amounts". I have purchased other insurance that was highly recommended by this website for my two new puppies and have sent the link to this review website to several friends to steer them away from wasting money with the lower and properly rated VPI.

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insect bite
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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