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I have - or shall I say had - multiple dogs insured with VPI. while people in their call center(s) are nice, they like to placate and pacify rather than taking care of the problem. Every claim I've made, including the covered spay/neuters in the past 5 months I've had to dispute and get managers involved. The only reason my last set of claims were being "re-reviewed" and now paying on the claim is I noted I'd call the state insurance office of regulation. I am tired of fighting every claim, tired of their pat 1st and sometimes 2nd turn downs, as well as they don't review or read their own files and start requesting items they already have. They find every reason NOT to pay. If you are persistent they'll pay "something". but this is very time consuming and if you work, you'll have a hard time finding the time to fight every single claim. Don't waste your money and time. find a different insurer. there are better insurers, with better policies with far better underwriting of claims that don't take so long. One other note, VPI won't call you or email you if they have a question on a claim. They automatically deny. So if you feel they are wrong, you have to call, you have to force the claim to be re-opened and you have to do a lot of leg work as often the "re-open" doesn't always happen. Initial turn time is 30-days. Each re-review is another 30-days. You are lucky to see any check in the 90-days after claim(s). Also, managers will claim they'll call you back on a

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