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One day, as we were giving our 4 year old toy poodle, Rozzie, a belly rub, she screamed terribly. We took her over to our vet who assumed that it was her usual abdominal problems. He took an x-ray of her abdomen and gave her an enema because she had been very constipated. We thought that this was the end of the problem. That night she screamed in pain again. The next day our vet set up an appointment for her to have an ultrasound with a specialist. It was negative for any abdominal issues. She continued to scream in pain and continued with constipation. She was unable to walk. We took her to another emergency clinic... no luck. They still thought that it was abdominal. Finally, we brought her back to our regular vet. His partner, was on call. My daughter and I explained that perhaps it was not abdominally based. The vet felt her spine, Rozzie, screamed that ear piercing, scream once again. We had all been barking up the wrong tree. The vet x rayed her again, this time focusing on her spine. Diagnosis.... 2 compressed discs. Solved! with rest and pain meds she is now fine. She was constipated because it hurt her back to push. Pet plan initially refused to pay any of the bills because she had a pre-existing adominal problem when we signed up with Pet Plan. It was not abdominal. Each vet had to send Pet Plan a change of diagnosis letter, so that we could be covered. The vet who did the ultra-sound was not complying. We were out $2,000 and this guy didn't care. One day I received

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compressed discs in spine
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