worst insurance ever

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I have not had this insurance for the last 2 yrs...BUT i had it for more then 7 years prior to this. I paid my premiums and never had to file claims for the first few years...when i started making claims they were HORRIBLE. I am a reasonable person...i knew (which was ridiculous) that when the new policy renews yearly whatever you treated the previous year would not be covered again because it now becomes preexisting. That being said...my policy period started march 1st. On the 22nd of march that year my cat was diagnosed with stomach cancer..the Insurance company said that even though we didn't know about the cancer...it was there prior to the policy renewal of march 1st and there fore they weren't covering it.. .Technically i should have been covered for that entire year for this illness till the following policy period but they didn't want to pay anything. Needless to say i sued them. They called me the night before the court date and told me i had to prove the cancer wasn't there before march 1st...i told them as i laughed...i'm suing you...you have to prove it was and i have 2 vets that are the practice owners stating there were no clinical signs and we did not know prior to march 1st. Lets just say i won the case without a problem. NEXT..this insurance company pays "reasonable cost" they go to a town with a population of 10 and that's where they get their reasonable cost from. I would like to know where they got the prices they paid me for some of the vet bi

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

American Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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