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We have had five rescue dogs insured by VPI since 2004. Our female 13" Beagle rescue had to have her tibial plateau leveling on both rear legs within twelve months. VPI paid 50% on each one with no hassle or delay, unlike human medical insurers. Our 15" male Beagle rescue developed mast cell cancer a year or so later. With VPI's help we beat it and he had four years he would have never had. VPI paid over $6,000 to us. Our beagle-dachshund rescue had a liver shunt from birth. VPI did not cover anything, but that is clear in their policy. They did cover all non-related illnesses or injuries. Our latest rescue addition is on the premium policy - Major Medical?? VPI paid 80% of a recent treatment quickly.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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