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Read and understand your coverage before you commit to costly medical treatment. We had VPI's Major Medical Coverage for our three year old French Bulldog. Unfortunately she threw her back out which paralyzed her back legs. Our vet took xray's and it was apparent she had a host of congenital malformations with her spine. We would have never guessed this however since she has always been a very active, healthy dog. Our vet referred us to a Specialist. The Specialist's initial diagnosis was a probable herniated disk, but they needed to give her an MRI to be sure. At this point I called VPI and spoke to their representative. I explained the probable diagnosis and asked if we'd be covered for the MRI and for herniated disk surgery (if that was the determination). They were very helpful and walked me through their coverage form, showing that MRI's and Herniated Disk surgeries are normally covered under our plan. At this point we bit the bullet and authorized the MRI. The results cleary showed an acute herniated disk. Although our dog's spine had a host of congenital malformations, it was evident to the Specialist that there were no other areas of that were restricting movement or pinching her spinal column. So with this news and we decided to go ahead with the surgery, even though the price was steep. The results were excellent! She's already walking long distances, and even running around again. We are very pleased with her recovery. She'll never be 100%, but she'

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