Thank You PetPlan you saved my little girl

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I have 4 siberian huskies and they are all my kids. I love them very much. These dogs need alot of room to run, and i have a big back yard. So i decided to fence in my backyard just for my kids. So on the 1st day i put them in there new back yard (200 x 66) and boy did they have a ball, playing and tackleing each other it was great.then after all day in there new back yard, my little girl (8 months old), i noticed she came up lame in her right back leg. i waited 24 hrs and it didnt get better. so i brought her in to the emergency vets, and 2 hrs later, exrays and all. I was told that she has hip displasia in both hips, i was crushed, thinking it was my fault, brand new back yard and the first day she gets hurt.That was Saturday and then Tuesday i brought her to my vet, more xrays and the same thing, hip displasia. so we gave her pain and muscle relaxers, that seemed to help her, and now we need TOP surgery and i was told by her orthopidic surgeon she is a very good canidate. So that will be another chaper in this young girls life and I'm so thankfull to PetPlan for taking care of me and my little girl, she can now lead a very normal dogs life.

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Hip Dispalsia
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$500 - $1000

Siberian Husky

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Under a year

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