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The positive reviews of PetPlan encouraged me to insure all five of our pets with them, and we've done so for more than two years. Unfortunately, my first claim submission revealed their sleazy practices. My cat was examined by our vet prior to purchasing her policy, as required, and we paid her premiums faithfully for the next two years. Her first health problem occurred two years after we insured her with PetPlan and I submitted a claim. PetPlan denied it, saying it was a pre-existing condition! Their rationale? She hadn't been to the vet once every year since we purchased the policy! We have appealed the denial, but a representative just admitted that there is nothing our vet could say that would cause them to pay this claim. They could easily determine from the pre-insurance exam that she did not have this condition, but they claim that insurance law does not allow them to do so ("That's how insurance works", Norma assured me condescendingly).
We are cancelling all five of our policies with them as soon as we find a more reputable pet insurance company. I had VPI for years on our old dog, and never had this kind of problem with them - maybe we'll go back.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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