Our first claim could not have gone more smoothly.

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We bought PetPlan insurance when we first got our puppy after reading reviews on the internet but knowing you can't really tell if the insurance is good until you actually need it (which we hoped we never would). Then, 2 months ago our puppy was attacked while on a walk by a dog that clamped down on his little face, resulting in many lacerations, a broken lower jaw, and much damage to his permanent teeth. It has been a long healing process, especially for our poor little puppy, with 3 surgeries so far, but one thing we have not had to worry about is insurance. After the initial trip to the vet hospital, which included jaw surgery and an overnight stay, we submitted our (first) $2000+ claim. Within 2 weeks, we received a check in the mail covering everything but our deductible.
With our second claim (for a follow-up surgery) they did not require us to pay our $200 deductible again since it was a continuing issue, but they did not cover a small part of the claim. It was only about $30 or so, which wasn't a big deal. My only (very minor) criticism is that I would have appreciated if they had been specific on what they weren't covering and why (so you don't feel you are being swindled or anything). The letter accompanying the check, that again came promptly in around 2 weeks, mentioned a 20% copay on "specialized treatment" as well as routine care not being covered, but I would have liked to know what this actually meant. I am sure it was legitimate, just wo

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Attacked by another dog, resulting in broken jaw and teeth.
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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