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I was skeptical when I submitted a claim for my husky/akita mix, Maddie, who had torn her ACL in February 2011. I had previously submitted two claims with mixed results, one for Maddie and one for my other dog who had been diagnosed with Cushings last year. The claim for Maddie (thyroid) was straight forward and handled pretty quickly. The claim for Sasha, perhaps due to all of the Cushings blood tests, to include blood pressure checks, resulted in having to produce many records from my vets. I ultimately received a large sum back, but it seemed like an ordeal at the time. The recent claim for Maddie's ACL surgery was quite the opposite experience. The form was easy to complete, I did not receive any requests from VPI for additional documentation, and I received a check within a couple of weeks paying 90% of the requested amount minus the $50 deductable. The ACL surgery was $1750, so the money I received back from VPI has almost paid for the $49 monthly premiums I have paid for the past three years.

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Torn ACL
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Over $1000


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