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I had extra money at the end of last year and decided to purchase Pet Insurance someting I had been mulling over doing for years, but wanted to wait to see which ones continued operating. I was thrilled to learn that several companies, PetPlan being one of them, would insure my 11 year old cat (and my shelter dog). Good thing I got the insurance! 7 months into the policy I came back from vacation to find my cat has been sick for 2 days and the pet sitter had done nothing. Visiting the ER instead of your vet is expensive, but I had no choice. I was thrilled to learn PetPlan would send a check quickly and even more thrilled to learn at the end of the year, my premium didn't go up! Petplan paid out more than I did in premiums and then didn't raise the premium. My financial situation may not be as rosy as last year, but I am definitely reuping the insurance as it proved well worth it!

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Heat Exhaustian
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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