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My family has always had pets...dogs and cats...they are part of our family from the time we adopt them...the hardest thing I've ever faced is euthanizing one of them or having them die of illness...but to add insult to injury, we have had to cope with the veterinary bills that we have struggled to pay when money was tight. Our current three cats are rescues, hand fed from the age of 3 weeks...VPI has enabled us to give them routine and special care(one of them has uti's ALL the time!) and reimbursed us in a timely manner, all with a premium we can afford! Our last family cat was euthanized at 15 years of age due to kidney failure...these kitties will be with us at least that long, we hope, and VPI will help us provide them with the medical care they deserve!! BTW they are now four years old and their vet is generous and gives us a multiple pet household discount...maybe more vets should do this?

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$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

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Under a year

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