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I'm not exactly sure what happened to my six year old corgi, Edgar, even though i was home with him but I knew something was quite wrong. Took him to my regular vet who suspected a ruptured disc. She sent us to a specialist who performed some tests and then did an MRI which confirmed a serious disc rupture requiring emergency surgery. Edgar was already losing control of his other back leg. If left alone for too long, the pressure on the spine is too great and there is a considerable risk of total paralysis. The surgery was a success and Edgar is on the mend but the bill was extreme. We gave our credit card and were very thankful that we have our dog back but I truly wasn't prepared for the good fortune that awaited. I purchased pet insurance for Edgar a year ago and thought we may need to use it some day, never in my wildest dreams did I think a) it would be so soon and b) that the insurance company would actually help out so much. I am so happy with this company. Not only were the representives extremely helpful and professional, but my claim was processed quickly and efficiently. PetPlan saved us. They are far better that most human insurance carriers in my book. I have recommended them to every pet owner that I meet because I am so pleased. The good care that we have received isn't commonplace. I have friends who had coverage with other pet insurance companies and did not receive the support that we have received. It truly pays to go with PetPlan. I cannot s

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ruptured disc
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Welsh Corgis

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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