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Thank God for Pet Plan and the specialists at the University of Pennsylvania Vet Hospital. Our adorable white AKC English Bulldog "Jack Buttons" arrived at three months of age. We did our research on the breed and knew that we needed a pet insurance plan that included hereditary problems. He arrived perfect from a reputable breeder in NY State. We selected the Bronze Plan from Pet Plan (20% co-pay after $200 deductible) after reviewing extensive comments on the internet. Within weeks, our gorgeous little puppy started to turn PINK. Our local vet diagnosed Juvenile Demodicosis or "Mange". He said it could get bad, very very bad. It did. Within weeks, the pink turned into red, itchy welts that bled all over his body, We were now seeing specialists at the Penn Vet Hospital in Philadelphia. Our brave little Jack was wearing an Elizabethan collar that restricted his eating, drinking, playing or climbing stairs. He was a very sick little boy. Then we were faced with entropian lower eyelids which resulted in corneal ulcerations and insertion of contact lenses until surgery was possible after the mange was cured. Every two weeks, we saw the Derm vet who did deep skin scrapings, and after a whole year on Ivermectin (fatal if consumed by humans), Jack was cured of mange. We downloaded Pet Plan forms, and our claims were reimbursed within a week for hundreds of dollars in bills. Little "Jack Buttons" had his major surgery in April for his eyes, elongated soft palate res

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Eye problem

Juvenile Demodicosis "Mange"
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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