can't believe i was thinking about canceling this

Out of 10

was recently thinking about cutting bills for us with the bad economy and all, wondering if this insurance was worth the cost--that is until a couple of months ago my oldest lab developed congestive heart failure. that's when i realized how fortunate i was to have this policy and they reimburse for vet visits/procedures/and medications (regardless if got from vet, my local drug store, or online) as long as you have a prescription from vet. now we know we'll be able to treat our lab for her condition and it is costly- payment is quick and you really do get reimbursed 80%. when your bills are in the thousands it's the difference between life and death (literally) for our dog-who is like our child. this is the third pet insurance i've had in over 10 years and it's by far the best. if i ever get another puppy i'll start it off on the right foot -with best best!
tip: get wellness right away-it pays for itself
also: to direct deposit to your bank acct-it's so much quicker to get reimbursed

only complaint; that you must pay your monthly payment from a credit card account- i hate using cc's for anything!

overall rating: A+ from one happy little labby girl ;) thnx

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congestive heart failure
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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