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I have known of horror stories with respect to pet insurance. I have a close relative who had insurance with another company. The terms were far more complicated than Pets Best and excluded just about every incident known to man (or pet). He had an incident with his English Bulldog. The claim took several months to process and the reimbursement was insignificant to the overall claim and did not agree to the terms on the face of the policy. My great dane had a very serious incident. I received detailed emails explaining the stages of the review of my incident by Pets Best. The claim was processed and I was reimbursed in 2.5 full weeks (not just business days). The policies are fairly simple to understand and I recommend that you understand the exclusions prior to obtaining insurance from any provider, but Pets Best does fully comply in a timely, caring and professional manner to the provisions of its policies. Again, the policies do not require a degree in nuclear physics to gain an appropriate understanding of the terms. I recommend this company 100% for anyone trying to hedge against the expensive situations that unfortunately occur with animals, especially Great Danes!

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gastric torsion
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Over $1000

Great Dane

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1 - 8

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