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My cat, Buttercup, was stung by a scorpion, and she had a frightening neurological reaction to it. Her head was twitching, her pupils were big as saucers, and within a short period of time she lost the ability to walk. I rushed her to an emergency clinic (of course, the sting occurred after hours) where the treatment was extremely expensive. It seems that a reaction to a scorpion sting is a very unusual occurrence for a cat, either because most cats are immuned to scorpion venom (as many believe) or because they are usually quick enough to avoid stings (my vet's hypothesis). The emergency clinic vet was concerned that Buttercup's reactions were severe enough that she wouldn't make it through the night without proper treatment, but it was difficult to find anyone with the experience to know how to treat her. Antivenom is apparently not available, at least not for pets. After some searching, a common dog treatment was found and used on Buttercup and she responded to it. It still took her several days to recover enough to be able to walk more than a few steps at a time, but she was fully recovered after a couple of weeks.Needless to say, all of this required a lot of expensive treatment, even after I was able to check Buttercup out of the emergency clinic and take her to my usual vet. She required monitored care for several days. I kept all the receipts from all her treatments and medicines, and I received care notes from the vets who cared for her. Completing the cla

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