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I really thank for this website. I appreciate all of the information posted for all of the different insurance plans. I took about two weeks reading and plotting out which plan would work for my situation. I have a 3 year old mixed breed and a 9 month old Great Dane. I have had dogs all of my life and I never knew that Pet Insurance was available until I was reading some related information about Great Danes. I have never owned a Great Dane before and I wanted to educate myself about the breed. Yes, they are prone to certain issues because they are such a large dog and they have a short life expectancy. I wanted to give my Great Dane puppy all of the benefits that I could provide for him as his owner. Now, after going over each provider’s information, I went with "Go Pet Plans"! I was so impressed by this companies detail to personal service! Geoffrey Newlin, happiness manager, pet parent to patch (rescued Staffordshire terrier) was the most pleasant and informational P.R. person!! He was genuinely interested in me as a customer. Not just another number standing in line… “NEXT” – so to speak, I think you understand what I am saying from a consumer’s standpoint. I am happy to be a customer of Go Pet Plan Insurance. I personally believe that what service that you get as a customer, before any claim that you may file, says a lot about a companies’ image and its heartbeat for consumers. It tells me how you will be treated if you eve

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Great Dane

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