CROOKS - AKC Pet Insurance are Crooks and don't really insure

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I insured both of my Labradors and when one of them got sick, DCM and Arrythmea and almost died, AKC Pet Insurance DECLINED my case due to "hereditary" issues. This was a case of GRAIN FREE Dog Food which is plaguing the dog food industry and killing dogs. This was not ever a symptom for him and was sudden onset. This is not Inherited and Hereditary. this is a LIE and AKC is lying!

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Labrador Retriever (Black)

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1 - 8

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Posted: 03/01/2021

Lisa, we are sorry that you were unhappy with your pet insurance experience. Our customer care supervisor would be happy to speak with you if you'd like to discuss your concerns. She can be reached by calling 866-725-2747 and requesting to speak with Kaylagh.