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It was a Saturday night when my wife decided to take our one and a half year old mixed Lab/Dalmatian to the emergency room in a nearby Vet hospital. He didn't eat all day long, vomited and was uneasy. First X-Rays showed something blocking his intestine. He was left in observation and treated with intravenous fluids hoping that the extra liquids would help to move whatever was causing the blockage. If it didn't work, he would need a surgery. It didn't. Surgery was carried out and results were great. Bear's recovery was fantastic and he continue to be the nice happy dog he has always been. Intestines were blocked by a glove one of my younger son's friend dropped in the floor. Nobody saw Bear eating it.
I have to say that I was very concerned about all the costs we had with the treatment. Total costs were around $3,800.
We had a plan for Bear since the day he came to our home a year before the problem. But we never needed to use it. Petplan really worked beyond my best expectations. Customer service representatives were very professional. We sent all documentation and formats required by e-mail. Petplan processed all information and issued us the check for the full amount contracted in less than 10 days.
I totally recommend Petplan.
And, from now, all our kids friends are required to leave gloves and winter hats in a box at the moment they enter our house to play.

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Intestine blocked
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Over $1000

Mixed Breed

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1 - 8

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