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Ever since I'd heard about pet insurance plans many years ago, I'd thought about getting it for my dogs, but in those early days the plans & service didn't seem "worth it." Last year, having 2 senior dogs & 3 younger dogs, I finally decided it was action time. Barely 2 months after my policies became effective, I was taking one of my dogs to our regular vet for stitching up a mystery laceration on her leg (they alo put in a drain to help the healing). A few months after that, a different dog was rushed to emergency late at night for stitches for a large laceration that went right behind & underneath the right eye (just missing the eyeball). The ER Vet added a drain to help heal the cheek area where the epidermis had somehow become separated from the supporting tissues. Then just 3 days after that, I was back in the pet ER at midnight with yet another dog who had eaten a pound of rat poison! During the treatment period for the poisoning, my dog was seen by 3 different Vet Clinics (the ER, the regular Vet & a specialist) - ASPCA Pet Insurance covered all the claims with no extra questions nor any problems!
Needless to say, I incurred a large amount of emergency vet bills in under 6 months. Having the ASPCA Pet Insurance was such a big help! Submitting claims is very quick and easy and I have no complaints about the customer service. I love being kept up-to-date with where they are in the processing of my claim & then beong able to view it all online. I'd prefer not to have

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Rat Poison Ingestion
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Siberian Husky

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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