My Dog’s Mysterious Illness

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Around the end of November my three year old dog Honey started acting strange. She was biting her backside really bad and has scabs everywhere. I brought her to the Vet and they give her some antihistamines, but she is really out of it. She was sleeping all the time and moaning when she got up and down and she had a fever. She had all the signs of the Dog Flu so they treated her with antibiotics, but she didn’t respond. After several x-rays, multiple blood tests, several different antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain meds, biopsy of her lymph nodes, 10 pound weight loss (she couldn’t eat because her esophagus was so swollen) and a three day hospitalization. Every test they took came back negative! We thought we were going to lose her. Her Vets were stumped, but they did suspect it was autoimmune. She was referred to a Veterinary Specialist (I didn’t even know they had those). Turns out that Honey has an autoimmune disease called immune-mediated Polyarthritis. It is inflammation is caused by an invasion of white cells from the immune system into the joints. It causes swelling in the joints, pain, loss of appetite, and fever. She is being treated for it now and is gaining weight back to her old self. Hopefully it will go into remission, but this is a life long illness. During this whole ordeal I wasn’t worried about how I going to pay for Honey’s treatment. As the Vet bills poured in PetPlan was there with quick reimbursements. I can’t thank them enough for my p

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