24petwatch is SUPER

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I have had several pets covered with this company and my current and last dog had several health problems. I have always been pleased with prompt service, excellent coverage and,on occasions where I resubmitted claims for reconsideration,the claim was paid without any hassle whatsoever. They are always friendly. They are one of the few companies that cover older dogs,altho best if they are insured before they reach the age where change would o/w narrow. I thank goodness this company is there. There are breeds that are not covered so check that out and they do not cover hereditary illnesses,but they cover 80-100% depending on dog's age. Their current fees for coverage may have risen. When comparing companies,look for limits on coverage per incident,per illness, and lifetime coverage. What the pet owner needs is a policy to cover them for the large bills. Even a young healthy dog can have an accident,ingest a foreign body or toxin,and,as I said, they will be set up to be covered later in life..so make sure you check if the policy will drop a dog at a certain age

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neurologic problem
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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