VPI ripped me off

Out of 10

I purchased VPI insurance for our puppy who contracted a rare disease that he died of at the age of 8 months. I was under the impression that insurance would VPI would cover the bills in case of such a catastrophe. Let the buyer beware! should be their motto. Not only did we have the tragic loss of our beloved pet, but I had nothing but hassles from VPI. DELAYS, EXUSES AND EXCLUSIONS ARE THEIR MO. During the numerous lengthy phone calls I had to do to get any reimbursement at all, I was told I should be happy to receive back the total amount of my premium (Hello, what is the point of getting insurance if all you do is break even when your dog dies?_) One operator shared with me me the little secret of how often policy holders just give up and drop their claims. I can see why--it is so stressful and time consuming to get a payment that one just gives up after so much frustration. If you ask for a manager you get put on hold for such lengthy periods that you give up. This company is a rip off, and when our dog got seriously ill and died, all they did was add yet another stress to our tragic ordeal. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

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