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We have a 2 year old lab ( big baby)who experienced lameness in both hind legs but the right was worse than the left. He recieved treatment for this for approximately Jan to May. He had to wear two stfle braces on his hind legs which were covered by trupanion to our amazement and they paid directly. These were approximately $2000. We paid our deductible and they paid 90% prior tax. He had these on until May when it was determined he would need to have a TPLO. We have had prior insurance with another pet and we were quite concerned that we would have a huge run around and then not have the payout. Again to our amazement and this was not the case. Trupanion paid the vet directly 90% and we paid 10% as we had already reached our deductable. Toby is now approx. 14 weeks post surgery and doing very well on his leg. Truapnion has been a blessing for us to be able to have our guy have the treatment he neeeded without worrying about if we could get this done now. The cost of the surgery was $4200.00. Our guy is home and happy and so are we knowing that Trupainon was there for us when we needed it. Thanks again guys for the job well done. I do recommend Trupanion to fellow pet owners as the one.Danielle

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