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I have had VPI for my dog since he was a young dog (maybe around 2). He's 12 now. In that time, I have taken a long-term placement overseas for work. Before I moved overseas I had called VPI thinking that I would need to cancel my policy since I was leaving the US. But the customer service agent I spoke to very helpfully infomed me that the coverage is in fact worldwide. This has been great because at the point where I moved overseas I could not have gotten insurance coverage for my dog anymore (he was almost 7). And I have never had a problem filing a claim, even from overseas. I always translate the vet bill for VPI since it is in the local language. All of my claims have been paid nearly in full (just a few dollars difference, which could be down to exchange rates). Definitely enroll your pet while they're young. I don't know that I'd recommend CareGuard for vaccinations, annuals, etc. I'm not sure that it is worth the extra money you pay. But I've been quite satisfied with the coverage and claim processing time. Since I have no other experience with other pet insurance companies or their coverage, I cannot provide other insight. But I believe that VPI is one of the few that offer worldwide coverage.

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