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Chili came to our family for almost one year, and we adoptedhim in Champaign Humane Society in 2010. He is an adorable
American Shorthair with orange tabby. We believe what he
brought to us is the gift from God.
This year, 2011, Chili had a serious Feline Lower Urinary
Tract Disease, FLUTD, and it happened suddenly without any
notice. We brought him to the emergency veterinary on the
Chinese New Year’s Eve. The vet there told us that he would die in couple days if we did not bring him in. But, we never
know what happened to our boy, and he can’t tell us what he felt.
The next day, we took Chili to see our vet, Dr. Ritchie, and she gave him treatment for 11 days to bring his healthy back.
And we all knew we are so lucky to have Dr. Rithchie and
Petplan, the world largest pet insurer! In order to save Chili’s life, we spent over 2,000 dollars within two weeks. During that time, we had to pay for the rent
and tuition. When we were worried about how much
reimbursement we could get from Petplan, they just sent us an email and said they will pay for 1,900 dollars for this time. WHAT A GOOD NEWS! We brought back a healthy Chili without worry. This is a wonderful story for us
and for Chili.

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