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My 14 month old Coton de Tulear was walking with a bit of a limp on his right foreleg. A visit to the vet and a radiograph showed growth plate disorders resulting in angular limb deformity and elbow incongruity. He required an ulnar osteotomy. I submitted my paid claim and could not believe that the cost for the radiograph was covered almost immediately. My deductible and copay were applied and I received my check within 2 weeks. After the operation, I submitted the required records and within 3 weeks I had my check. I also received a note stating that since the deductible had already been met because the operation was a continuation of the first claim, all I had to pay was the 20% (my plan) copay. WOW! If only my own medical insurance were as efficient and quick. I was pleasantly surprised at the reimbursement I received and the speed with which I received my check. I NEVER had to call Petplan. All I did was log into the site to see how far along my claim was in the processing. I am so please with the way my claim was handled with with the company that I have recommended Petplan to several of my friends. My vet was shocked at the service I received from Petplan. So many of his clients have had less than satisfactory service from other insurance companies that he now no longer carries Pet Insurance brochures in his office.By the way, the operation was a success and Dani is now well on his way to a normal gait.

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Elbow Incongruitydue to growth plate disorders
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Coton De Tulear

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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