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My cat Sabi has been health drama for all 1 1/2 years of her life, but she a wonderful cat and I love having her and want to give her every chance I can. After a couple big incidents I decided to get her insurance coverage. I had her policy underwritten so I understood exactly what pre-existing conditions were not covered. About 4 weeks ago Sabi decided to see just how well her insurance worked. She ate one of her toys and it got stuck in her bowel. After some attempts by the vet to help move it along they decided she needed exploratory surgery. All went well and the toy was removed. I submitted my claim. There was initially some confusion on both ends but after one phone call I received the information I needed to fix my claim and I had my check for the full $1600 within a week. Unfortunately, Sabi was not done. A week later she was vomiting, it seemed to pass but she wasn't perking back up. By the end of week 2 she was unable to breath. We rushed to our vet who immediately sent us to the emergency vet (it was 6 pm on a Friday and my vet was not equipped for the problem). After a night in an oxygen chamber an some diagnostics she got to come home with a diagnosis of pneumonia. She failed to improve and after another trip to the ER and a long day of diagnostics I was informed she had heart disease and that was causing her pulmonary edema. With the right diagnosis she is now feeling back to her old self. This trip cost me $2327, the insurance payed over $2000 of it and I had m

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Heart Disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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