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We have a 2YO Puggle and we got pet insurance as soon as we got him. I agree that its the consumer's responsibility to read what the company pays out and what they cover- but this company just wasn't a good fit for my pup and my family. Every illness or issue my dog had, they didn't cover. I live in a state that requires more vaccinations (apparently) than other states..and they only cover $30/year...when ONE vaccination costs just about $30. Also, they only reimburse 50% when other companies reimburse 80%-90% and you pay less per month. My biggest gripe about VPI is that whenever I call, I get a different answer by each employee. I call to inquire about a claim, and one man says one thing and another women the next time i call gives me another explanation. Lastly, when my dog got really sick with a stomach bug, they dont reimburse for food, no matter what type even if its for upset stomachs, so i got $5 back from a $200 bill. Then when i called to complain, they said in order to receive more back I had to fax them my records- well since we've moved, I have had mult. vets, and each vet charges to fax records!! so not only am i OUT money but its a hassle to get anything to them! they shouldn't need my records when they have my claim and receipt.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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