PetPlan is a Godsend!

Out of 10

We actually have four dogs insured through PetPlan -- they are all mixed-breed rescues, and they bring immeasurable joy to our lives. Right now, Honey is our little "problem child." We think that she might have been thrown out of a moving vehicle before she was rescued at 3 months of age, and - a little less than 2 years later - she had to have major surgery to repair her cruciate ligament and remove the medial meniscus. The surgery and follow-up care alone were well over $4000, and PetPlan has covered almost everything except our $200 deductible.
In addition, we recently discovered that Honey is Hypo-thyroid, and once again PetPlan is there for us.

We pay a little over $800 per year to cover all 4 dogs, and it is worth every penny. Even if I never have another claim for the next 5 years, these policies have paid for themselves. Oh -- and the customer service is outstanding. I have called PetPlan twice for help in filing my claims, and for a status update, and both times, the person I spoke with was a fellow pet owner who provided thoughtful and efficient customer service.

I could not ask for more from a pet insurance company.

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Cruciate Ligament/Torn Meniscus
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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