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I have had VPI for 7 years. I have used it alot because my dog has cancer. They have many plans to offer. I have the superior which is one of the higher ones, but with my dog, I needed it. They pay on claims very quickly, I usually have a payment before I get my credit card bill. Snickers has high bills, I don't expect them to pay for everything. It's like medical insurance we all have for us, but the difference is the vets don't participate, so you have to pay the difference between the dr's fees and theres. with the exception of snickers oncologist, his regular vets fees are very close to vpi's and i do get most of the 90% that they pay after they reduce the fees to the set price back. If you go to a more expence vet, you may not get as much back. But they have many plans, just ask when you call, they are very friendly to talk to and never have steared me wrong on a recomendation. I do recomend pet insurance to everyone I know, you never know what will happen. I would recomend, especially if you just got a puppy to get a higher plan and then scall back if you need to, like all insurances there is a pre-eisting condition clause. I had snick as a puppy, but I know others that have gotten the insurance later for their dog's and they don't really have a problem. but it's better to have the insurance before you discover a health problem. As long as you realize that VPi insurance is the same as the health insurance use and that just like any doctors their fees are higher then

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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