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The jury is out on Embrace, I have a young puppy that had stomach issues documented from regular vet and puppy shot visits prior to buying the insurance then 4 months later a diagosis was attached to the illness they called it pre-existing Even though it was growing and gaining weight right on schedule, because the vet and I had a convesation and she made a note of it it was pre-existing, my vet didnt even know what the dog had!

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Posted: 03/16/2011

Funny, very similar thing happened to me. Since my dog vomited once prior, they considered that a pre-exisiting condition. And because my vet spoke to me at one point about keeping his weight down as he got older, he was told that being overweight was a pre-existing condition. He's as skinny as an Olsen twin......

Posted: 04/13/2011

Just curious, did anyone who had a claim rejected because of a pre-existing condition submit to Embrace's Medical History Review?

Posted: 05/28/2011

Same experience here. I mentioned that my Pug sneezed when she spent time in the back yard in the spring. It was in her file, so it became a pre-existing condition. I was being contacted by claims adjusters prior to even submitting a claim, and I just cancelled the policy